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Žrnovska Banja - Korčula Island, Croatia

Žrnovska Banja on Island of Korčula, CroatiaŽrnovska Banja is a small place near Korčula town. It has a lot places you can visit during the holidays. It features some wonderful beaches which are great for swimming and snorkeling. There are also numerous bays with awesome scenery. You can find a lot of apartments in Zrnovska Banja on the Island of Korčula, Croatia that you can rent. The vast offer gives you plenty of options to choose from.

There are small and large-sized apartments available, depending on the number of guests staying. Prices are very reasonable and range from 30 euro onwards, depending on the type and the location of the apartment. There are apartments with magnificent views of the beach or the bay.

Žrnovska Banja on Island of Korčula, Croatia

What to do in Žrnovska? There are plenty of activities you can engage in. Apart from finding apartments in Žrnovska Banja on the Island of Korčula, Croatia, you can also spice up your vacation with some water sports or by exploring the island and the town by renting cars, scooters or bikes. The locals are very friendly and warm. Žrnovska Banja also has some good restaurants where you can taste the traditional dishes, as well as the international cuisine. 

Map of Žrnovska Banja, Island Korčula