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Vela Luka - Korčula Island, Croatia

Vela Luka on Island of Korčula, CroatiaVela Luka, known for its rich culture, entertainment and tourism, has so much to offer to travelers arriving from all corners of the globe.  Stay in one of the apartments in Vela Luka on the Island of Korčula, Croatia and explore the many archeological and historical sites, such as the Parish Church of St. Joseph, built in the 1800’s, or the Big Cave or Vela Spilja, an important Neolithic locality.

Another popular destination in Vela Luka is the little islet of Proizd, a treasured gem in the Adriatic Sea surrounded by crystal blue waters and featuring white pebble beaches and rich Mediterranean vegetation which gives the place a specific scent. You can expect to truly bond with nature in this sea-front haven.

If you are mainly interested in the so-called ‘beach vacation’, it is best to schedule your trip from May to October, the period of high summer on the island with the temperatures around 26°C.

Vela Luka on Island of Korčula, Croatia

If you are looking for private accommodations in this picturesque town, apartments in Vela Luka on the Island of Korčula, Croatia are available for online booking.  Some are budget-friendly and welcome backpackers, while others are for the more sophisticated travelers and offer very luxurious amenities and utmost privacy. 

Map of Vela Luka,Island Korčula