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Prižba - Korčula Island, Croatia

prizba_on_island_of_korcula_croatiaIf you're looking for a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, visit Prižba, a small historic town located on the island of Korčula, off the mainland Croatia. It is a perfect blend of nature and the quiet comforts of modern living that is sure to keep you relaxed and comfortable. Prižba is located in the southern part of Korcula, just a 35-minute drive from downtown Korčula and a 10 to 15-minute drive from neighboring towns such as Vela Luka, Blato, and Prigradica.

Prižba’s two peninsulas are its major tourist attractions. The Convent of the Sisters of Mercy and the pebble beach are the must-see attractions of Ratak, one of its peninsulas. Prižba boasts with its coniferous flora and abundant vineyards, coupled with rich and aristocratic villas and islets that are perfect for discovering the wonders of nature.

There are several ways to reach Prižba, but one has to get to the Island of Korčula first. The primary means of transportation between mainland Croatia and its islands are car ferries.

By Car: A lot of routes are available when travelling to Korčula by car. The Split - Vela Luka route may take three to three and a half hours to reach the island, while the Split - Korčula ferry may take up to four hours. A direct route from Drevnik to Korčula is also available, with a travel time of only two and a half hours. You can also reach Korcula in 15 minutes from Orebic.

By Plane: From Dubrovnik Airport, you can take a car ferry that passes by Korčula via Sobra  on Mljet Island on a regular basis. If you are arriving from Split Airport, you can also ride a car ferry that docks in Vela Luka on a regular schedule.

By Train: You can take a train from Zagreb (Croatia's capital) to Split, and then transfer to one of the car ferry routes to Korčula.

By Bus: A direct route from Zagreb to Blato, one of Prižba's neighboring towns, is available. The travel time takes a total of 14 hours. From Blato, Prižba is a 10-minute drive away.

Explore Prižba by bike and you will see the wonders that it holds, especially its beautiful coastline and interesting historic sites. Apartments in Prižba on the Island of Korčula, Croatia are available for tourists who wish to have a comfortable stay in Prižba. Most of these apartments in Prižba are modernly-furnished and offer a perfect view of the sea, as they are only a few meters away from the coast. Prižba also has a number of restaurants, grocery stores and services for tourists, such as boat and bike rentals and diving schools.


Map of Prižba, Island Korčula