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Korčula Town - Island Korčula, Croatia

Korčula Town on Island of Korčula, CroatiaYou can be sure that a quiet and relaxing vacation is around the corner after having booked a trip and stay at the apartments in the Korčula Town on the Island of Korcula, Croatia.  This picturesque island town holds a variety of rich natural, architectural and cultural treasures which managed to remain “untouched” by commercialism.  The island is, in fact, considered to be Croatia’s greenest and most independent of islands.  Today, as in the old times, Korčula beckons with revelations of small secluded bays and beaches, walled medieval cities, interesting cultural exhibitions, and breathtaking views. 

Tourists often settle in the town of Korčula, from which they set out to explore the numerous villages on the island of Korčula.  Most places are within a few minutes’ drive from the Korčula Old Town, the town of Vela Luka, situated at the west side of the island, being the furthest one to reach but still requiring only an hour’s drive. 

Korčula Town on Island of Korčula, Croatia

Those visiting Korčula during the summer will be able to enjoy a boat cruise around the Korčula archipelago, exploring the all the hidden corners of its twenty islands and islets.  Day excursions are also available for sightseeing on the island.  Beach lovers can take a quick 10 minute drive to Lumbarda, the only place on the island with sandy beaches, for a day full of swimming, sunbathing, and water fun. The rustic and relaxing appeal of this Mediterranean vacation will prove to be a welcome break from the hectic and stressful atmosphere expected from more popular vacation spots.  International tourists can get to Korcula by taking a bus ride from the Dubrovnik airport. Choosing the right accommodation from the many apartments in Korcula town on the island of Korcula, Croatia is easy with the relevant information on these facilities now accessible via the Internet. 

Map of Korčula Town, Island Korčula