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Grščica - Island Korčula, Croatia

Gršćica on Island of Korčula, CroatiaGršćica is located in the southern part of Korčula. It is situated within a 25-kilometer radius from the town of Blato. Some 5 years ago the cove of Gršćica became famous as a swimming and diving spot for most of the tourists visiting Korčula. Moreover, its rich culture and profound history added to its popularity as a tourist destination. This dramatic improvement in the sector of tourism in Gršćica led the people to start constructing apartments in Gršćica on the Island of Korčula, Croatia.

Since then more and more people are visiting this modest village to experience the beauty and peacefulness it can offer. Despite it being a place frequently visited by tourists, the residents of the village have made it their mission to preserve the serenity of the place by providing apartments in Gršćica on the Iskand of Korcula, Croatia. They made sure that the accommodation units are suitable for tourists and offer them a comfortable stay but not for the price of devastating the beauty of the place itself. These apartments face the white sand beach of the island, as well as the port of the village.

Gršćica on Island of Korčula, Croatia

There are many things that you can do during your holiday visit apart from staying in the apartments in Grscica on the Island of Korcula, Croatia. If you simply want to feel the sea breeze cuddling your skin, you can take a walk by the seaside. The seaside is also an ideal place for you, your family or friends if you wish to go biking. The Gršćica beach also offers a great wind surfing experience to all those who wish to try it. With the rich landscape and the deep background of this place, the possibilities are endless.

Map of Grščica, Island Korčula