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Brna - Korčula Island, Croatia

Brna, Island of Korčula, CroatiaBrna is a village facing the bay. To be more precise, it is located in the south part of the Island of Korčula, which is within a 20-kilometer radius from the villages of Prižba, Smokvica, and Prišćapac. The village of Brna is not yet fully urbanized and this is exactly the reason why it continues to attract more and more tourists each year, especially during the holiday season. However, the residents in this area have decided to build some apartments in Brna on the Island of Korcula, Croatia in order to accommodate the guests.

It will take you some 30 minutes if travelling over land to get to Brna from the Old Town of Korcula. You may either use a private vehicle or take the bus to get there. If you decide to take a bus ride, you will also have the chance to pass by Smokvica on your way to Brna. Although you can also take a bus from Smokvica to Brna, it is not advisable as the bus service is not regular in the area. When reaching the village, you will be readily dropped off by the apartments in Brna on the Island of Korčula, Croatia.

Brna, Island of Korčula, Croatia

Brna became famous for its vineyards and this is the reason why it is also famous among tourists given its abundant supply of fine wine. Furthermore, the village has other attractions to offer: wind surfing, diving and swimming. Feeling exhausted after having spent an active day engaging in those activities? Rest and relax in the apartments in Brna on the Island of Korcula, Croatia. All the apartments feature balconies where you may lounge while taking in the exquisite view of the beach.

Map of Brna, Island Korčula