The walled old town of Korčula with streets arranged in a herringbone (which allows easy air circulation, but it also protects against strong winds) is exposed near the reefs. Construction of the walls was forbidden until the 18th century, wooden drawbridge was not replaced until 1863.

Island of KorculaIf you want to know more about the island of Korčula and explore it, too, we recommend taking more than two days, because you really have much to see. We arrived on Friday night and as we didn’t find transportation to the hotel Bon Repos where we stayed, we decided to take a walk (luckily we did not have too much stuff). Walk lasted about 20 minutes.

The next day after breakfast we decided to go to town, but we didn’t have to go on foot because luckily, we found a taxi boat that runs every hour. A pleasant sail takes about 5 minutes and costs 10 HRK per person. As soon as we arrived to the city of Korčula, we decided to rent a scooter in order to better utilize the time and get to know the island of Korčula.
korculaKorčula island is one of the premiere tourist destinations in Croatia. This lovely island is situated along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and near Dubrovnik. The weather in Korcula is perfect for doing many fun activities, and even winters here are very mild. Its coastal location makes it a popular destination for sunbathing, swimming, and diving. If you think those are the only things you can do in Korčula, then you are in for a surprise.

island_korcula-m The Island of Korčula is a popular tourist destination which is also famous for being the greenest of the islands in the Adriatic.  The island has rich culture, lush beaches, secluded bays, breathtaking views and very friendly people. If you are a traveler looking for islands with pristine nature, then Korčula is the perfect choice for you.

The apartments on the Island of Korčula are new and mostly refurbished, offering their visitors a relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of home. With the help of a rent-a-car service, you will be able to enjoy everything the island can offer – tourist spots, nightlife, shopping districts and original cafes and restaurants.

Why is renting an apartment better than getting  hotel accommodation? The answer is easy, and it is just one word – freedom. The apartments on the Island of Korčula will offer you more freedom to explore the island.


If renting an apartment, you will have a place that you can call your own and be free to enjoy it. You won’t be hassled by cleaning service crews that often knock at people’s hotel rooms. You will never be afraid of losing your luggage and properties since you will be the only ones with access to your apartment. The Island of Korčula abounds with places to explore, yet it is not overcrowded and spoiled by urbanization. Enjoy this and more by renting an apartment on the Island of Korčula – one that you can call your home away from home.